There are several reason to chose IntelliAssist products for all your outsourcing needs.

At IntelliAssist , our mission is to empower physicians to maximize the accessibility, reliability, and exchangeability of vital patient records – while increasing efficiency and reducing overhead costs – through the design and development of our powerfull, fully integrated and robust Electronic Medical Recodrs and Practice Management Solution.

Our EMR/PMS gives medical providers a comprehensive, full-featured tools for online management of their patient records. So any PHI can be directly and securely retrieved at any given point in time from any location with the Internet connectivity.

Why IntelliAssist EMR-PMS

Scalability of the system Secure, remote access to patient info.
Easy to use & Easy to implement. Enhanced workflow efficiencies.
Appointment Scheduling. Patient registration and detailed information.
E-prescription. Lab Management.
Electronic Charting . Task Management / Reminders


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IntelliAssit anounces the release of a complete End-to-End transcription workflow management system.
IntelliAssist announces the release of its Beta version of integrated EMR/PMS solution.
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